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Not Your Mama's Gym Class

An overemphasis on standardized tests and budget cuts has removed important stress outlets such as art class and PE in some schools, she says. A few districts in Oregon have even cut recess for elementary school. "That's so not in line with brain research and what science tells us about a link child's learning (process)," Vaandering says. "In reality there needs to be [read] a balance and a respect for the whole child." Why kids need recess Some click here. schools are getting the message that stress reduction is an important part of a child's overall well-being. They're incorporating yoga and meditation, Muller says, while educating the mind, body and spirit. In health class at Dwight-Englewood, students are offered the opportunity to use apps like Calm.com , which provides a soothing screen and sounds in timed blocks to calm the mind. "It's amazing how much better you feel after two minutes," Muller says.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/30/health/physical-education-innovation/index.html

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