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Bobcats? Kemba Walker To Miss About 2 Weeks; What?s Next For Charlotte?

He cemented his reputation by pushing Connecticut through the 2011 Big East tournament, then on to the national championship. Walker leads the Bobcats in points (18.7 per game) and assists (five per game). He hasnt always been a great distributor, but that workouts was improving: He had eight or more assists fitness in each of his past three games. Some of that improvement was in the increased synergy between Walker and Jefferson. The Bobcats want to play inside-out, constantly feeding the ball to Jefferson in the post and forcing defenses to react. Jefferson recently said Walker was learning quickly how best to present himself as a target for passes when Jefferson draws double-teams. Part of the problem now is that teams will be able to double Jefferson more aggressively because Walker wont be there to punish them from the perimeter. Also Walker and Jefferson in the pick-and-roll were often the Bobcats best late-game strategy to score halfcourt baskets.
Source: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/01/19/4624667/bobcats-kemba-walker-to-miss-about.html

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