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Los Angeles Dodgers: 4 Things Still Left To Do Before Spring Training

There are no comments yet. Get the conversation started by leaving the first comment Kemp's injury concerns are the most current and most worrisome, so official statement until he proves that he's physically ready to be back full time, he will get a lot of regular rest. Even if he does come back full strength, Kemp has been off and on the disabled list for almost two full seasons. Though he showed flashes of his old self in short healthy stints in 2013, the only way he'll work they said himself back into a Puig-like everyday role again is if he is healthyand productive. My best guess is that over the course of the 2014 my latest blog post season, assuming all four stay in Los Angeles, Kemp and Puig will hold regular roles with Crawford and Ethier splitting time depending on matchups. Whatever the conclusion, Mattingly needs to make some kind of determination to quell the curiosity of fans and media. 3. Replenish the Bench Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Everyone loves the fire and personality that Dee Gordon brings to the Dodgers.
More: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1919749-los-angeles-dodgers-4-things-still-left-to-do-before-spring-training

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