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Ces 2014 Preview: Health And Fitness Tech

Tracking Taken Further In 2014, quantified selfers will have more data to track than ever before. We'll see a serious uptick in the kinds of measurements different devices collect. The most rudimentary fitness trackers work like smart pedometers, collecting information about how many steps you take, and how those steps tally up to miles. Already, several trackers capture more advanced measurements than distance alone: stairs climbed, sleep, intense movement, heart rate, perspiration, and skin temperature. Moving forward, however, more sensors will incorporate heart rate monitoring without a chest strap, following in the footsteps of the MIO Alpha BLE , Basis B1 Band , and Withings Pulse , which all contain a heart rate sensor that does not have to sit on your sternum. And new metrics, such as muscle quality and the amount of oxygen in the blood stream, will start to be fitness Max Workouts implemented in everyday consumer electronics. Power of the Network Networks will play an even more important role in the fitness-technology revolution, too. In the home, we could start to see wellness trackers take on all-new roles, monitoring wellness behaviors rather than just activity. Has your child brushed her teeth?
Full story: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2428462,00.asp

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